Freedom Ministries was born in the hearts of founder Rev. Tom Bevard and wife Lucille years ago as they worked in different detention centers.  When Tom worked at the local jail as a corrections officer in the 90's he began to see the possibility of new ideas.   Soon he began to bring his family with him and other volunteers to Topeka and Winfield for music services.  His sons Rick and Randy learned instruments (piano) and (guitar) and many came to see them play.  In 1997 a strong effort in evangelism was made in the prisons being called "Fresh Start Events".  

     The ministry went into three prisons with music, and a barbeque, seeing many come forward.  A large truck was also soon added.   In 2000 services at Hutchinson and Larned were added as the popularity continued.  In 2001 Secretary of Corrections (then Charles Simmons) made it possible to take the ministry to across the state.     


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 Freedom Ministry has many outreach events they do each year.

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 ministering to inmates in Kansas prison facilities.

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Fresh Start

One-Of-A-Kind Ministry

1st Corinthians 12:27 NIV
    Now you are the body of CHRIST, and each one of you is a part of it.

​​​Mailing Address: Box 234, Iola KS 66749

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The Prison systems can't do well in rehabing inmates and sending them back in society unless someone can change their hearts.--Senator Derek Schmidt

Fresh Start consist of three types of services.
            Main Events-means having snacks and service. 
            Services-means holding Services only.   
            Warm-up-means having music only.

Services includes gospel music, preaching the Word of God,and alter calls
Music covers many styles; rock, blues, country, jazz and praise.

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       Since then the ministry has traveled to the prisons in Kansas each year seeing hundreds come forward.  Other programs have also been tried with discipleship, and life skills.  Many volunteers have helped make this a success.  The inmates look forward to the events each time and hearing the gospel message. 

Freedom Ministry utilizes the body of CHRIST in Kansas to one common goal

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Phone #:  (620) 365-3233

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Freedom Ministries is a one-of-a-kind ministry that holds gospel outreaches in the Kansas Correctional Facilities.  Rev. Tom and many others have helped across the state to the prison facilities of Kansas.  For years cooking events have also been held that brought out hundreds.  The cooking team is led by Richard Olson and Jerry Taylor from Lawrence, 

Fresh Start is the prison systems equivalent of holding a revival at a church.  It is an evangelistic ministry. This is when Tom and other volunteers go into prison and holds services.  All are invited to come, and because it is seen as a special event,  many times

​large crowds come out.  

Tom Bevard 

Churches of many denominations in Kansas support Freedom Ministries as a homeland 
ministry.  Just as churches support missions to go across the sea they can 
support a missionary at home in the state of Kansas.  Freedom Ministry teams will go 
out to churches to give a report of what God is doing inside Kansas prison facilities