Freedom Ministries brings with it, a dedicated group of volunteers, a strong commitment to our work, and a track record of reliability and

good event planning.    Derek Schmidt-Senate Majority Leader​

Many wonderful musicians have helped

the inmates over the years. Some like Don Francisco

have taken the time to help others share hope.  


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Each year Freedom Ministries holds outreach services for those in the Kansas Prisons.  The gospel message is presented each time.  These events have been very successful and bring out large crowds. Many facilities have had these events year after year.  

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Phone #:  (620) 365-3233

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The purpose of any event is

to give inmates the opportunity

to accept JESUS CHRIST as 

their personal savior.

​​​​​​Christian songwriter ​Don Francisco
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​​​​​​Christian songwriter ​Don Francisco

Preaching at  Oswego


It is our privilege to introduce you to Freedom Ministries. Under the direction of Rev. Tom Bevard, we have provided functions entitled "Fresh Start Events" to facilities of the Kansas Department of Corrections since 1998.  Usually held outdoors, these events , provide music and ministry to hold events that bring out large crowds, with an opportunity to know the Lord. 

We have been able to work closely with the correctional system in many beneficial ways. We hold these events each year, with volunteer help and church support .   

​​​Mailing Address: Box 234, Iola KS 66749

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​​​​​​We who work in Freedom Ministries believe that inmates have the right to be free in their spirit through the salvation of  JESUS CHRIST.

Freedom Ministries

P.O. Box 234

Iola, KS 66749